Zion’s hope?

March 20, 2007 at 5:05 pm 1 comment

Figured if I was in Zion, AKA Salt Lake City, I should write something about what makes this place what it is-Mormons.  Everywhere you look from bill boards to churches to temples to banks, to bookstores make it impossible to miss that if you are not Mormon, or Latter Day Saint as they prefer to be called, you are in foreign territory. 

When you look out the front window of the house Traci and family are moving in to, you see a new Mormon church and if you go look out one of the back windows you will see another one.  Less than 100 yards separates them and that is not unusual.  Every new development has a Mormon church sometimes 2-3.  I wish I knew if the costs of building the church is borne by the developer but it wouldn’t be a surprise.  The plot plan for the development has to include space for a Mormon church and certainly does not include space for any other church.

There is much right about the Mormon culture but mostly it is all wrong.  Utah is near the top of the states in rates per thousand in bankruptsies, alcoholism, divorce, child abuse and a number of other social disorders that plaque the non-Mormon culture.  On the outside everything looks great but inside the story is quite different.

I won’t rehearse the distinct differences between the Bible and Orthodox Christianity that has been carefully preserved for the ages and the relatively young sect that is Mormonism there are multiple resources to help you. (try here and here and here)

What concerns me is that as genuine followers of the God-man, Jesus, we need to get serious about providing the kind of community that draws people to us rather than living down to the reputation we have that we can’t get along and that we are good at shooting each other. 

What is outwardly attractive about Mormonism is not their doctrine, the average Mormon is clueless about what their church believes, what is attractive is the culture that says you are welcome here and we will care for you no matter where you come from or where you have been.

No doubt the squeaky clean image of Mormonism, when seen up close pretty much shows them to be like everyone else, but whatever they are doing to market themselves is working. 

As we think about what kind of community of faith we want to be, it behooves us stop getting so wrapped up in doctrinal disputes (we are all pretty Orthodox) and get serious about providing a culture of grace and mercy, brokenness and healing.  When we get real about who we are as fellow strugglers and stragglers on a journey to wholeness and joy in the love of Jesus and power of the Spirit, we will be a whole lot more attractive and who knows, authentic Zion might break out in our communities. 

After all we believe Jesus was God.


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  • 1. Todd Pierce  |  March 20, 2007 at 8:17 pm

    If you wish to order a great booklet about mormonism and specifically how it is contradictory to the Bible, go to http://www.hismin.com. Thanks for hitting on this Pastor

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