Build Greg a new playlist.

March 1, 2007 at 8:04 am 13 comments

I still have some Christmas money left in my iTunes account and I thought it would be fun to see what you all think I should spend it on.  I like all kinds of music, probably leaning toward the country genre and worship music but I am game for anything. 

What’s on your playlist that I need to listen to?  What is the best new music?  What is the best worship song this year?  What country artist do I just need to have on my list?  Any bluegrass, rock and roll or gospel I shouldn’t miss?

I know there are some of you who have no clue what I am asking for but I also know I have some young readers that can help me out.  Even if you don’t know what iTunes or iPod are you can still tell me what music I need. So bring it on.  If you don’t want to post your choices in the comments section email me with your suggestions. (see “contact me”)  I will let everyone know what I buy next week. 

A little aside.  Last night marked the end of an “era” for our family.  16 years and 11 months ago our family moved from Wyoming to Washington to serve and worship at a church here in our community.  As the door closed on YOUth Church last night the last of our family finished up ministry and worship there.  Our whole family was so intimately tied to this place,  for most of our children’s lives, so it was a sad conclusion to what was mostly a great experience for all of us.

We are sad for what has happened and how it has come about but we are not in despair.  God has been faithful to all of us and He will continue to be.  Thanks so much for the support we have been given, especially Brad, Summer and Canyon Paul.


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Dry bones. Aiming our guns the right direction.

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  • 1. Bradley Hanson  |  March 8, 2007 at 1:39 pm

    First of all…Greg I miss you and Linda very much. You
    both were a big part of my life and for that I thank you.
    I can’t help but respond after reading such a emotionally
    charged response from Kasey, reading it nearly brought
    me to tears. My heart breaks thinking of church and the
    issues that lie there. I have had many concerns
    with the direction of the church and struggle with many
    big decisions that the leadership has made. Not only the
    decision to not allow you to return to the church in any
    fashion, but the firing of Brad. And Kasey, I am writing a
    letter to the board, and would encourage you to write a letter
    but ONLY to the church and not the journal.
    As you know Liz and I had a premarital sex, sorry for the bluntness.
    (many people dance around this, but that’s what it is)
    This was extremely hard for me in my life, it tore me from
    God. But Brad was there for me, he loved me and didn’t judge
    me. Even though I lied to him for a long time about it, he
    helped me see that I could be restored in Christ and that I needed
    to have that personal relationship with Christ now more than
    ever. I have loved Brad for many years, and will always.
    He has been an older brother to me, a Godly man in my
    life that has changed me and who is always willing to smack me
    when I am out of line. His heart, to see me and many
    others share the love for Christ that he has, is irreplaceable.
    I have struggled with the thought of the kids that are left
    without Brad. Don’t get me wrong I think Justin will
    do great, but the kids will suffer from this greatly, and all ready
    have. I am not entirely sure where I am going with this but I just
    want it to be known, that I love Brad and his
    family so much. All I can say is that we cannot let the kids
    suffer, they need help at this age just like I did. This stage of
    their lives is a very fragile as everyone knows. And to those
    of you who echo Kasey’s feelings as well, please do not stop
    your ministry to those around you, I do agree with
    most of it and I have contemplated
    stopping my volunteering ministry to the youth because
    I so strongly disagree with many things but God has
    called me into these kids lives for a reason. I love them
    and we all need to be where God has called us to. And Brad
    would probably slap me if I left.

    Ohhh and for music, I am guessing we have different taste but I
    am currently listening to Miles Davis. Good Stuff.

  • 2. formedofclay  |  March 8, 2007 at 10:08 am

    Anyway……………it is a new song by Martina McBride. The album is not out yet, but this song says it all. “God is great, but sometimes life ain’t good……….” It doesn’t matter that we dream and fail, love and lose, give and get taken. We can’t just crawl inside. We still need to dream and love and give. We need to just “do it anyway”

    Ginny Owens is also phenomenol. She is blind and writes of her struggles to understand God and His way for her. It is a bit Jazzy.

    Music is my passion and I have many many many ideas. If you want more, let me know.

  • 3. Cronquist’s Blog » how should we respond?  |  March 4, 2007 at 12:42 am

    […] has been a great source of thought provoking subjects for readers to consider.  It was his post Build Greg a new playlist, posted on March 1st that the sense to share my personal frustration was just too overwhelming.  […]

  • 4. bjdavis  |  March 3, 2007 at 8:48 am

    Songs from the rain, by the Hothouse Flowers, is very good. They are from Ireland; this CD came out in 1993.

  • 5. dhtriplett  |  March 2, 2007 at 9:33 pm

    As for music, bluegrass gospel can’t be beat. I’ve actually gone to WalMart and bought those “cheap” CDs that had two or three CDs for 5 or 6 bucks. It was a steal. The music is clean, uplifting, and the musicians are excellent.

    For a real treat, try Bella Fleck and the Flecktones. This guy is reinventing the banjo. He is simply unbelievable. Norman Blake is a great flat pickin guitarists. And Tony Rice will knock your socks off!

    For something very different check out Baka Beyond (Afro-Celtic band) or Jolly Mukherjee. Ok, they aren’t for everyone and I don’t consider them a regular diet. But Mukherjee has some very interesting stuff.

    For something with great acoustic guitar, Jack Jackson is a must hear. I love his songs.

    Finally, if you have highspeed Internet, get MusicMatch Jukebox I think it’s about 60 bucks a year and you can listen to any song that’s in their library. I love it. I’m listening right now. I can play it through my speakers or put on the head phones. Right now I’m listening to Bobby McFerrin.

  • 6. renversgirl  |  March 2, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    well, what started out as an opportunity (I still won’t pass it up, Greg, promise me that if you listen to one song in the VERY near future that it would be when the man comes around by Johnny Cash, I would be very interested to hear you take on that) turned out breaking my heart again, Kasey, has said SO MUCH of what has been in my heart that I couldnt figure out how to put in words. The only reason we have stayed there is for the AWANAS and the music at this point, i often leave wondering why i am still going there, but my husband pointed out that this is a small town and nothing will compare to the chuch we went to in Canada. For now i am content to do my study, take the boys to AWANAS and feed my spirit with your blog. Until i can decide truly where to go, this will be my church. we miss you and also wonder just why things were handled as they were. i still don’t get the letter thing and the holier than thou attitude that i often feel when i have tried to question what happened until i have the words from your (Greg and Linda) mouth i will be content to know that we all fail, that we all hurt but we all are loved and forgiven by One who is greater than all that. my heart hurts still when i think about the way adultery has affected my life, but rejoice in the fact of knowledge that He knows all and still loves us. Praise to God above, and Brad i didn’t know you as well as Tracy, but to hear that you are leaving is so sad. You will be missed in SO many ways, i will pray that God blesses you wherever you go from here. You and your father are blessed with voices that speak His words and NEED to be heard.

  • 7. Unknown  |  March 2, 2007 at 9:23 am

    I really feel what Kasey is saying be disappointed in a church you once called home. The elders at fBC are letting that whole church down, the whole body should be deciding on a decision instead of letting a group of men who can’t look pass their own ego’s to realize something good. Mistake letting Brad go, he is great at what he does, as are you. As far as music goes you can never go wrong with some Ben Harper or Dave Matthew’s.

  • 8. Summer S  |  March 1, 2007 at 8:13 pm

    Music…I love all types of music. I would recommend some from Mat Kearny, Rosie Thomas (a Seattle artist), Regina Spektor and for a huge “suprise and delight” Justin Timberlake’s “Bringin’ Sexy Back.” It may be pushing you out on a limb (the “Bringin’ Sexy Back,” but Canyon seems to like the beat). And as a staple, can’t go wrong with Otis Redding, Van Morrison or Hendrix.

  • 9. bscandrett  |  March 1, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    hillsong united…the stand, came to my rescue
    david crowder band…this is our GOD, glory of it all

  • 10. Andy Taylor  |  March 1, 2007 at 7:07 pm

    Hey Greg,
    Regarding the playlist….anything by Kevin Prosch, preferably his newer stuff. Almost everyone I reccommend it to doesn’t like it at first but I always promise that in a week it’ll be their favorite CD. He doesn’t come out with new releases very often but it is always worth the wait. “Palanquin” is about 3 or more years old. It’s my very favorite. He has an incredible knack for getting people in a worship experience.
    Keep writing!

  • 11. Kasey Cronquist  |  March 1, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    I will be interested to hear what people suggest regarding music selection from iTunes. I too have some additional iMoney to spend and would be willing to download some strong recommendations.

    A little aside. I can’t begin to tell you how pissed off (yeah, I said “pissed”) I am regarding the early “retirement” of my friend Brad from his position as youth pastor at First Baptist Church. My hands are literally shaking with the emotional disappointment I continue to feel regarding a church that I used to call “home.”

    What is wrong with the leadership of this church?

    Having recently read Matthew 18:15-32 (a brother who sins against you and the parable of the unmerciful servant), I feel convicted to write a letter to the elders and/or the good ol’ Journal of Record to highlight the hypocrisy running rampant at this church, but I won’t. Not because I believe it won’t make a difference, it could, but . . .well maybe I should. I don’t know. I’m going to continue to pray on that one.

    Certainly people will say there are two sides to this story, certainly people will point the awkwardness created by your fall into sin as the senior pastor and I’m certain people will say this is for the “best” for all involved. And you know what; I wouldn’t disagree with any of it.

    What I take issue with is the complete lack of Christ-like compassion exemplified by the elders of this church; starting with your sin. It seems to me that the elders of this church were led by “groupthink” rather than the Holy Spirit in handling process of healing during such a tragic time in the history of the Church. Some may say that decisions were made only have prayerful consideration, but simply reading the process Jesus outlines in Mathew for how to bring a person to task that has fallen to sin wasn’t followed.

    Why wasn’t Greg (you) given the opportunity to address the church if the elders felt you didn’t understand the consequences of your actions? If after a loving intervention by the congregation, Greg (you) still didn’t listen to the church. . .well then a pagan he is (your not).

    Instead we have a small group of MEN deciding how to handle this situation. Any suggestions otherwise are simply excuses that I don’t want to hear and again would be a reflection of the type of deflection strategy used by an elder board in the name of Jesus.

    I don’t need to go into the disappointment I felt when I learned that you’d done what you did. The hurt was deep and as you can tell I’m still dealing with it (or is it that I’ve suppressed these feelings), but I know that wasn’t who you want to be or who God has you to be. You are one of the most gifted speakers that I’ve ever heard in the pulpit and you have much to offer the Kingdom and the salvation of the souls, but like all of us you are plagued by the fall of man and the sin of this world. Thus, forgiveness. I forgive you.

    I’m having a hard time forgiving the continued pathetic attempt of damage control by the elders of First Baptist Church. When will one of them “come to Jesus” in this situation and stand up as one that believe a better approach maybe necessary for the healing of that church. The manner in which they handled Brad’s resignation (?) only add fuel to the fire of contempt I feel for the manner in which this church is being led and an increased sense of despair for its future direction.

    For almost 17 years Brad both attended and served that Church in a position of scrutiny and leadership and for it he gets a couple of sit down conversations, a check and a “good luck.” I would think and hope that a self-determining decision to leave a church would include an opportunity to say goodbye his church family and a laying of hands to encourage him and his family in their future endeavors. Not in this case, not even close. Instead we have par for the course for this leadership team and a plan (or lack of plan) to quietly send Brad and his family on their way with very little concern with identifying and dealing with the TRUTH.

    No, I’m not objective, but I know that in the hearts of the men I know on that elder board, they know that the management of the past year and half has been WRONG and not inline with the Word. For that matter, true leadership has been lacking in that church for far longer, which may have culminated in the situation they are in today.

    I pray God gives those of us still struggling with this situation the peace that comes with only His understanding. I also pray for a Holy Spirit inspired revitalization of First Baptist Church in Shelton.

  • 12. Mike S  |  March 1, 2007 at 11:46 am

    I love music but I don’t have one of them Ipods or MP3 players. Don’t really want one either.

    Like Diana said the last two paragraphs at least moistened my eyes. Doesn’t seem right; doesn’t seem fair.

    We move on. So will you, Linda, Brad, Summer and Canyon.

  • 13. Diana Burke  |  March 1, 2007 at 8:26 am

    I can’t help you with the music selection but your last two paragraphs make me cry. I am sad for many reasons…

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